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Are you looking for a sign for a crisis management plan?

Well, you've found one. It's time for you to be prepared when the unexpected happens.

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4 approaches when it comes to crisis management plan:

Reputation building
Foster trust, encourage customer loyalty, increase sales, and promote business growth through online reputation. Find out more
Crisis preparedness
Build resilience against online aggression or misinformation by adopting a proactive and reactive strategy. Find out more
Reputation repair
Streamline your internet reputation repair process, reduce online reputation risks, and foster positive brand sentiment. Find out more
Crisis management
Employ a customised reputational risk and crisis management programme tailored to your needs and circumstances. Find out more

That's where we come in.

We are here to help you. While navigating today's challenges, our commitment to clients remains unwavering. Our people are prepared to be with you every step of the way through response, recovery, and mitigation strategies.

Crises are an unfortunate fact of life and history. That's why you need a crisis management plan.

Financial catastrophes, cyber attacks, and natural disasters are examples of crises that a firm may encounter. And the consequences of such accidents can be long-lasting and catastrophic if they are not dealt with immediately and appropriately.

Here are some statistics that show why your business needs a crisis management plan.

  • 74% of companies that faced a major crisis from 2014 to 2019 sought outside help during or after their most serious crisis.
  • 69% of leaders have experienced at least one corporate crisis from 2014 to 2019 — with the average number of crises experienced being three.
  • 95%of business leaders report that their crisis management capabilities need improvement.

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Why do you need a crisis management plan?

A crisis management plan prepares your business for a tragedy or unexpected incident. You can minimize the impact of the crisis on your staff and business operations if you have a plan in place. There is less likelihood of long-term damage when the team is appropriately prepared for the unexpected.

It’s important to develop a crisis management plan and strategy that works for you. You might not know where to begin at first, but we can assist you in navigating this uncharted region.

A well-organized crisis management plan can assist your firm in recovering after a crisis.

Here's how we do it:

To effectively and efficiently create a crisis management plan, we break it into smaller, more attainable steps. We are here to identify potential risks without getting overwhelmed by the potential crisis as a whole. Here are the 5 steps to create a crisis management plan:

Assess risk
We will begin the planning phase by holding a session to examine the potential risks. We will use tools to identify and analyze the probability of risks. It will also help us visualize risks that are most likely to occur.
Determine the business impact
Once we've identified the high-probability hazards that could affect your business, we will assess the business impact of these risks. Because each risk can result in a different outcome, it is critical to examine each one separately.
Review and update
Once the crisis plan is finished, we will go over it again to ensure no holes. Because possible hazards change over time, we will revisit and update your crisis management plan at least once a year.
Plan the response
For each risk we've identified, we will determine what steps we will need to take to respond to the threat if it occurs. For example, suppose your business is in the software industry, and you had a cyberattack. In that case, you may need someone to secure the network, someone to notify your customers, and another person to assess the damage.
Solidify the plan
A crisis management plan is more than just a written or spoken strategy. It should include critical components such as an activation routine and emergency contacts, which we'll go over in greater detail once you contact us. We will also need to work with key stakeholders to ensure everyone knows what to do and when.

Crisis Management Plan Checklist

Risk analysis

Outline the potential dangers your organisation may face and rank them in order of likelihood.

Activation protocol

Defines what kind of action should be performed in the event of a crisis.

Communication crisis strategy

Assess who delivers information to the public and handles feedback.

Post-crisis assessment

Follow up and assess what went well and what didn't.

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