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Get Rid of Negative Images on Google and Keep Your Reputation intact!

At Gain Reputation, we help you to remove image on Google search through a series of carefully executed techniques.

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Here are 4 hypothetical reasons you may want to remove image on Google search:

Used to create a smear campaign
These days, most competitors will stop at nothing when it comes to destroying the opposition which includes using incriminating pictures of you to ruin your image.
Appearing guilty by association
If your friends or employees were involved in some kind of criminal or scandalous activity, the press might also turn their heads to you, hence, giving you a bad name.
Involvement in something unsavoury
If you yourself happened to be linked to some unethical conduct, or you have some personal affairs that don’t portray an upstanding image, then it may be time for you to remove images that are linked to said situations.

Benefits of removing images from Google

A lot of things can be found on Google with simply a few seconds of looking it up on your phone or laptop, including pictures and videos that can be damaging to your image. There are multiple reasons why you should remove image on Google Search is beneficial to you, so let’s dive in to explore what they are in more detail:

  • When you remove images on Google search, what you are doing is essentially wiping clean some messy past actions that could stain your reputation. 
  • It’s only logical that when you get rid of unflattering photos of yourself that your business partners, clients, and consumers will probably be more happy to work with you.
  • As an entrepreneur, businessman, politician, celebrity or high net worth person you definitely would want control over what is being published on the internet. Hence, if you want to remove images on Google search, you have a right to have that control.


We have dealt with them all.

Celebrities, CEO’s, high-net-worth individuals. Whoever they may be, Gain Reputation is ready to help them remove images on Google search. With over 15 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of Google image removals, so rest assured that we will strive to do our best. See what some of our past clients have had to say about our services:

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FAQs that you might have about our image removal service

You can remove images on Google Search but it is a tricky process. We are here to assist you in any way you need when it comes to content removal, be it videos, pictures or even written content. If it’s something you don’t want on the internet anymore then we will strive to either remove it or bury it or launch copyright infringement. 

This process takes time and manpower to get rid of pictures or content online but we at Gain Reputation have got all the necessary techniques and experience to remove the content from the internet the fastest logical way. 


Also, it really depends on the situation, as the time it takes to remove one image is probably easier than let’s say twenty unsavoury pictures. It also varies case by case because depending on where the content is uploaded (is it on a website or blog or social media), it could take longer or a shorter amount of time. 

We understand your concern for the cost of removing content to Google, especially if the content has gone viral. It depends though if the image can actually be removed or not. Depending on certain situations, we might not have rights to fully remove an image on Google Search, however, best believe that we’ll strive to get the content removed. If that isn’t possible, then we’ll work to bury the image or content so far down the ranks that it won’t appear immediately if searched. At other times, if someone uses an image of you, you can always launch a copyright infringement and we can employ techniques that can help you with copyright issues.

We Provide Excellent Content Removal Services for Your Ease of Mind

We are a committed group of people who will strive to remove images on Google search. Even videos, pictures and written content may be removed or buried so far down on Google. Depending on the image, sometimes we might not be able to remove image on Google search. Regardless, we will work hard to eliminate the image for your ease of mind and if we can’t, we’ll employ certain techniques to help make the image not so visible on the internet. 

Content Removal Services That We Can Help You With

Facebook reviews
Our team of connoisseurs will try to use strategic techniques to remove all of these negative reviews from Facebook. This goes on a case by case basis though, so it’s no guarantee that the review you want removed will be gone.
Google reviews and images
We’re dedicated to try removing the unwanted reviews as well as pictures that you don’t want staying up on Google. Again, this is a situational type of service as we cannot swear that the images will be gone - it depends on each case.
Negative content
We try to remove negative content in general be it a review or an article or blog post. Our team is highly skilled and we will try our best to take down any negative content related to you, however, it depends on the case. Sometimes it’s possible to remove everything and at other times it is not.

The best next step would be to speak with one of our experts to discuss your options.

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