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Online Review Management Services Can Help Skyrocket Your Sales

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The 3 areas of online review management

Online review management audit
We optimise your current review pages and measure progress to achieve your goals.
Online review strategies
We identify strategies to generate positive organic reviews and star ratings from genuine customers.
Online review management platform
We use tools to monitor and manage to find the review channels with the greatest potential to positively affect your brand.

Don't let negative, fake, or unfair reviews cost you money or customers

It is not enough to just delete unfavourable online reviews; we will understand what is causing them. We will analyse the root cause of negative reviews so that your brand may focus on improving its services and goods, which will enhance future customer reviews. We will:

  • Monitor your online reviews from one place.
  • Respond to your online reviews from one place.
  • Generate positive reviews and automate review collection.
  • Respond to negative reviews fast to reduce reputation risks.
  • Measure online review progress.
  • See how your brand compares with the competition.
  • Track and respond to online reviews on Google.

Did you know 3 out of 4 consumers trust a company more if it has positive reviews?

However, when potential customers see 1 or more unfavourable reviews, businesses risk losing 22% of their revenue. When there are 4 or more bad reviews, the percentage rises to 70%. This offers high-ranking review websites significant influence over your company's revenue. Why? Because consumers use reviews to communicate everything from positive experiences and trust in businesses to displeasure with services and products.

Our 4 areas of approach

Online reputation building
We leave no stone unturned in our actions to improve your company's image across all digital platforms. Learn more
Online reputation repair
We identify the source of the negative information and devise a solution-oriented plan to address it. Learn more
Online crisis preparedness
Our online reputation management strategy covers everything, including developing frameworks for proactive and reactive scenarios. Learn more
Online crisis management
We develop a crisis management strategy that protects your organisation, people, and operations. Learn more

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Forget word of mouth, use our online review management services

Monitor, measure and respond to reviews
Keep track of all of your customer reviews. Track your progress – review volumes, sentiment and online star ratings. And see how you fare against others.
Generate more reviews
Request feedback from customers about your company, services, or products, and keep track of the answers.
Analyze reviews
Recognize the source of complaints so that we will rectify issues and improve. Plus, reduce criticisms and negative reviews.
Promote positive reviews
When customers say great things, it reflects well on your brand. We will spread the word but with caution.

Why online review management matters:

Successful online review management is important for your brand. Customers find your products or services are often through customer reviews. The benefits of online review management include increased trust, higher revenue, enhanced customer satisfaction, decreased liability and risk, and higher ROI. 

Statistics that show customers read reviews and why is it important.

  • 87% of consumers read local reviews for businesses in their area.
  • 91% of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.
  • 9 out of 10 customers read reviews before buying a product.
  • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as friends.

Even if you run a small company or a large corporation, online reviews significantly influence your company’s reputation.

Our review management specialists offer you various review management services to support your company.

Our experts have extensive hands-on experience developing review management plans for various businesses.

We take care of managing and securing your reviews within all sites to increase your online exposure and search engine results, as well as boost consumer and client trust.

Why choose us?

We hear you
As online review management, we strive first to understand your company objectives. A shiny new website is useless if it does not assist you in reaching your goals. You speak, we listen… then we will share many ideas to improve your brand's reputation.
We track our achievements
Visitor tracking enables us to quantify our success and determine what is and is not working. Monthly reports are delivered to you, and you can see full traffic data online at any time.
We value honesty
We believe in conducting business with integrity, honesty, and a genuine concern for people. We will be courteous and respectful to you.
We deliver on time
We understand that time is money in business, thus we set and keep to reasonable deadlines. We interact with our clients regularly to keep them up to date on our work and ensure that projects are completed by the agreed-upon deadline.

Check out our most popular ORM services.

Online reputation repair

Online reputation repair enables you to deal with negative reviews professionally and reduce the risks associated with a negative company image.

Online crisis management

Preparation and planning are key to successfully navigating reputation and crisis management with public relations — following a plan is easier than making one in the heat of the moment.

Remove negative content from Google

We specialize in removing negative reviews, complaints, and harassing links from Google search results.

Brand reputation management

We keep track of how consumers perceive your brand and take necessary strategic plans to build, improve, maintain and protect the company's reputation.

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