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Get Your Very Own Online Crisis Action Plan and Be Prepared for Any Crises!

An online crisis action plan can help save your company’s reputation by keeping you prepared for all kinds of crises.

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The 3 major examples of Online Crises:

Negative Reviews
Many companies face negative reviews from customers despite being big names in their respective industries. Without a reliable online crisis action plan, negative reviews can affect a company seriously.
Negative Viral Content
Sometimes as a company you might be embroiled with a viral video, picture or content that could cultivate some very disastrous outcomes. Never underestimate how negative viral content is capable of totally destroying a company’s reputation.
Poor Management on Social Media
In this 21st century, having the knowledge on how to fully optimise the use of social media for digital marketing purposes is not to be underestimated. With proper social media management as well as a solid online crisis action plan, your company is sure to thrive.

Why is it Important to Have An Online Crisis Action Plan?

An online crisis action plan will better prepare your organization for any online attacks. A lot of things can go wrong online when word is spread on a digital platform. Plenty of organizations went bankrupt because of something negative that went viral. A lot of organizations claim to have online crisis management plans set up, but few actually have a crisis playbook ready. Here are some of the steps of how you can come up with an online crisis action plan:

  • With the existence of an online crisis action plan, you get to keep your employees safe, your business running and thriving as well as safeguard’s your company’s reputation. 
  • CEOs and board of directors need to have a solid crisis management plan or handbook.
  • If your company has a crisis management team, get them to work on online crises and the preparedness for such a crisis.

We have dealt with them all.

Celebrities, CEO’s, high Networth individuals. Large corporations and conglomerates as well as small mom-and-pop shops. Whoever they may be, Gain Reputation is ready to help them curate a specially made online crisis action plan that is functional and effective. See what some of our past clients have had to say about our services:

Hear what our clients have to say about us:


An online crisis action plan is a strategic layout on how to handle an online crisis should it ever occur. As stated previously, online crises are becoming more and more prevalent now in this modern era. Many companies have been totally buried due to the devastating impacts of an online crisis, hence, it’s important to have a crisis management plan. 

This depends on the size of your company and other factors. Feel free to contact our customer support team to get a free quotation. 

Based on the importance of having an action plan for any crisis, yes, having an effective, relevant and precise crisis action plan is extremely important for a company’s success and survivability. As mentioned above, numerous companies have been completely annihilated due to the online crisis and having no real tangible action plan to maneuver the situation. They were complete juggernauts in their respective industries - Lime Crime, Victoria’s Secret, United Airlines - but due to online crises they all fell into disgrace. This proves that even big names can fall if they are not aware of how to handle a crisis.

If you care about your business, the people who work with you, your employees and shareholders, you will definitely not see investing in an online crisis action plan as a waste of money. With the construction of an online crisis action plan, you will be able to provide protection to your employees, sales results and your reputation. 

Don’t turn a blind eye to the catastrophic aftermath that an online crisis is more than capable of. Get in touch with us at Gain Reputation and we’ll ensure that your future is safe from an online crisis. 

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At Gain Reputation, we are a multifaceted Digital Media company whose mission is not only to manage online crises but also to repair and build reputations, to help drive successful business results by helping you expand your business through digital marketing strategies.

While online crisis action plans are definitely important to have, some of you out there may already be facing an online crisis and your reputation is already in ruins, or perhaps you need to build your presence online to gain more customers. Read on for more detailed information on our online crisis action plan services:

Our Online Crisis Action Plan Service

Risk assessment
Our team of experts will discuss with the CEO, stakeholders and board of directors regarding the possible online crises that might occur to your company. It is best to list what we think will likely happen such as a viral video that invites bad rep, receiving a bombardment of negative reviews online, having online articles writing a hit piece on you and more.
Solidify your plan
Once the apt responses have been communicated successfully, Gain Reputation will then endeavour to solidify your plan by creating a playbook for how you can handle these online crises. With the formation of an online crisis playbook, employees in your company will now be aware of what needs to be done if ever the online crisis actually happened.
Reviewing the plan
Once the playbook is completed, our team will review the plan once again to make sure that we don’t overlook any essential details. It doesn’t just stop there though as we will continuously work on the online crisis action plan, revisiting it at least annually so that it is consistently updated for any possible new online crises.
Determining the impact
Depending on the online crisis, we will then have to deduce what are the possible outcomes of each scenario. In terms of online crises, the impacts that the company might experience might all be interconnected like a chain.
Planning your response
Once a satisfying list of possible detrimental impacts have been identified, the next step is to start planning your response. Our team and yours will discuss the most fitting method to respond to each impact.

Do you have a crisis plan yet?

If you don't, what are you waiting for? Our team of crisis experts will examine your vulnerabilities and construct a crisis plan for your company to respond to any situation. A good crisis plan can help avoid or rapidly resolve unfavourable events.

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Conquer your crisis with the professional crisis management team at Gain Reputation. Schedule a free consult with a crisis expert today.

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