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Get ahead in business with SEO services Malaysia!

As a leading SEO Service provider in Malaysia, we understand that getting a higher rank on the search engines is vital to the triumph of your brand so look no further as we use all of our expertise in pushing your website to the top of the rank.

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Example of 4 important SEO services we provide in Malaysia

Keyword Analysis
A keyword analysis is where we search for words and phrases to determine which keywords that can generate the most traffic and mostly likely to convert into customers, either through organic or paid searches.
Local SEO
It is the process that helps make your business be more visible online locally, especially for businesses with brick and mortar locations.
Content Marketing
It is a form of online marketing strategy that is used to attract an audience through the creation of relevant written content, videos, images and other forms of media.
This is a SEO technique that helps your website increase authority in search engines by internal link building or generating backlinks to your website from external websites.

Our success to a winning SEO strategy

Understanding your business

Understanding the nature of your business, the values, your mission, vision and target audience takes precedence here as we believe that good SEO has to encompass comprehending the business of the client. 

Comprehensive keyword analysis

We will do an in depth analysis on sales-driving, revealing  search terms and keywords which includes competitors’ analysis as well as new keywords. 

Website audit and technical SEO optimisation

We’ll run a 360° audit where we’ll look for your website’s weaknesses while simultaneously implement SEO techniques and with focus on user experiences.

Quality SEO link-building

We will help with on-site and off-site link-building, as well as conduct press releases so that your website gains a stronger presence. 

Local SEO implementation

We can implement local SEO services for your online business or brick and mortar stores. And this will increase visibility for those who search your industry, products, physical store or brand locally.

Build a performance oriented content marketing strategy

We will help your business get top rank on Google by building a performance oriented marketing strategy and focusing on content that helps convert leads into consumers.

Track, measure and optimise for performance

We will help you get tangible results that are trackable by constantly measuring the performance of our SEO services Malaysia across metrics like organic traffic, search visibility, search rankings and more. 

Deliver results

We will strive to deliver great results through employing the right techniques to SEO services in Malaysia by using techniques like conducting thorough keyword research, making sure your website is indexable and crawlable and more. 


We have dealt with it all.

Gain Reputation has helped companies achieve the success they deserve through quality SEO services in Malaysia.

Large companies

We have ranked large corporations way ahead of their competitors by understanding and focusing on their core business and service offerings, positioning their website as the market leader in their industry. 

Medium-sized businesses

We have helped medium-sized businesses grow a strong and reputable online brand by really understanding their customers in-depth and optimising content that offers the value to their target audience

Small businesses

We help small businesses to start their online journey from scratch with; development of a highly-effective SEO website, link-building, building and implementing content marketing strategy, which allowed them to generate the desired traffic most businesses only dream off.

Read what our satisfied clients have said about our services:


SEO, or otherwise known as search engine optimisation, is the process of making a website easier to find when people are searching on Google or any other search engine. 

There are over a billion websites in the world, and it is estimated that 175 new websites are created every minute. 

SEO will make you able to rank on relevant keywords that are important to your business. The goal with SEO is to get your website to rank higher in the search engine results. The higher your website position, the better your chances of turning your website into an asset instead of liability that only costs money every month to maintain. 

There are many nuances of SEO, and it is always an ongoing process that has to be done over a longer period of time. Talk to us today and see how we can help you.

The short answer is yes, and the long answer is; it actually depends on your business model. Through quality SEO, you are able to garner heavy traffic to your website if done right. 

We are in a digital era, and SEO can be a very good investment for a Malaysian business if you want to attract more website visitors and potential customers. 

Aside from this, with SEO services Malaysia, you will be able to rank on top of search engines with a small investment, unlike paid advertisements. 

There is a staggering of 87% of Malaysians who use the internet daily. Of these users, 80% will click on the top 10 search results on a search engine, hence, it shows that SEO services Malaysia if it makes sense to your business model, can be extremely vital for your business growth. 

It is important to note that before a search engine can identify the most relevant content to a searcher on the internet, it must be able to crawl and index your website first.

What is crawling, you may ask? It is when search engine reads websites, crawling is the process of what a search engine robot does to discover new content or pages on your website. The better you are at linking your pages on your website, the easier it is for the robots to find new pages.

Indexing refers to when search engines store the contents found on the internet and deliver it through search engines results. Indexing is something that occurs after the crawling stage is completed. Blocked, spam or repeating web pages usually don’t get indexed. 

After the crawling and indexing stages have occurred, the search engine will then analyse the pages based on the criteria that determines the ranks such as speed, mobile friendliness, keyword usage, backlinks and more. If your website meets these criteria, then you will be able to generate traffic. 

The best way to improve your website’s authority is through backlinks. Backlinks are when a website links back to another webpage. 

Google’s algorithm will measure the amount of links and the quality of the links that goes back to your website. And if you get a link from a known high authority website and is relevant to your business, it will count more than if you get a backlink from an unknown website. 

Receiving links to your website is a strong indication that your website is liked and trustable. You should see backlinks as a kind of recommendation and the more recommendation you get, the better google will rank your individual webpages and website as a whole.

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Our team is composed of highly skilled individuals who are connoisseurs at digital marketing. Having been in this industry for the past 15 years, we have gained valuable experience and skills in SEO services which have led to great results in terms of sales and marketing. Click the link below to find out more about the other services that we offer.

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